Lesson 4 with Wesley going as smooth as I can envision it!!!

Last month we “touched” 180 ballspeed which was a big goal for us (a 179.x roundup to 180). In this session, we continue working at the moves that has brought us to this point, pushing Wes to test himself and accomplish what he thought wasn’t possible before!!! It was incredible to see him end the session with 18 straight drives at 180 ballspeed or more, topping out at 185.7!!! On to 190 now before the end of April!!!

Be sure to watch from lesson 1 to get a good idea of how the progression was made!!! =)

Key points:
2:49 – Looking at swing DTL and FO
9:40 – Start hitting drivers
11:58 – FO view driver
15:24 – 179.9 ballspeed, hahaha, new best
18:25 – 181.3 ballspeed, new best, first one ever officially over 180
19:33 – Very good here, FO view with great flow
20:05 – 180 ballspeed again, starting a good run with multiple shots 180+ ballspeed
34:06 – “Last one” 183.6 ballspeed new best, this is when things get real fun and he goes on a ridiculous tear!!!
38:37 – Digging deep, pushing himself to set new highs!!!
40:04 – Secret cue here :p
40:55 – Another secret cue 😉
41:33 – “Last one” hitting 185.7 ballspeed, new best and big milestone
44:01 – Real last one, 184 ballspeed, ending the session with 18 in a row 180+ ballspeed drives



Part 2 of our 2-part series for lesson 3 with Wesley.

In the second half of our lesson, we start implementing the legs into the driver and watch the speed fly!!! The last stretch of the lesson was amazing to watch as he breaks through wall after wall and gets comfy with the new sequencing!!! I understand the delivery wasn’t ideal, but the focus on this session was to get him comfortable with having the legs feed the movement and see that he can get the speed up there. As we start cleaning up the movement like we did with the irons, and blend that with the new effort, we should see the speed rise even more. 185 ballspeed is our goal here before the season starts in April!!!

Be sure to watch from lesson 1 to get a good idea of how the progression was made!!! =)

Key points:
3:41 – Trying my Taylormade M3, no good, not enough spin
4:56 – Trying my Taylormade M2, weight and feel much better
6:52 – Starts seeing the speed rise, 8 in a row at 175 ballspeed and rising
11:04 – 2 in a row at 177 ballspeed
20:12 – Starting an amazing run to end the night, starting to really feel how to flow
21:37 – 179 ballspeed, then following it up with a fake 180 ballspeed on the following swing =P
24:25 – Real last swing of the night, 179 ballspeed to end an amazing session!!!



Part 1 of our 2-part series for lesson 3 with Wesley.

Here we make sure his backswing is still in a good spot along with the downswing feel I gave him in lesson 2 to neutralize his excessive inside-out club path. As he got comfortable with the leg movement, we saw the speed jump quite a bit while looking very easy!!! This was the prep for the driver as we saw massive gains with his driver in part 2, you won’t want to miss it!!!

Check out https://www.instagram.com/Larrycheung… for more golf swings and cool things!!!

Key points:
2:15 – Good swing
2:59 – Starting adding the legs stuff
6:57 – Good swing with legs piece implemented
7:45 – Start increasing the effort and push in the legs
14:15 – Making sure we are keeping the short wide backswing that we like as we go harder in the downswing



Second video in our series with Wesley.

in our first lesson, we started fixing the backswing first. He was very narrow with too much arm-fold and hinge, think Matt Blois of early 2018, I had recorded the lesson but the lesson video wouldn’t have been very good as I ran into a couple technical difficulties!!!

In this lesson, we continued working on the backswing, making it better and then diving into the downswing in the second half to help Wesley reduce his excessive inside-out club path!!!

Key points:
4:00 – Where we want the backswing
7:10 – Talking next piece, getting pressure into inside right heel
14:45 – Really good one here, getting tall and wide
15:37 – Face on video
18:41 – Starting to introduce downswing piece
36:04 – Changing how we approach the downswing piece to make it easier to implement for now
37:35 – Looking very different and better!!!



This is the first lesson with Wesley.

I had some technical difficulties so no screen cap. I originally wasn’t going to upload this but I figured it would be good for you guys to see what Wesley’s swing and numbers were like when we first started. This video is more so baselining the starting data and starting the backswing upgrades to improve the structure before diving into lesson 2! =)

Starting averages with 7-iron – 124 ballspeed, 94.5 clubspeed, 3* down Angle of Attack, 11* inside-out club path

Starting averages with driver – 165 ballspeed, 117 clubspeed