Larry has a deep understanding of the game & the swing. Larry’s coaching works on all facets of golf, not just the ball striking even though it’s pretty superior!
I’ve been around many of the best coaches and players in the golf industry, and I can say that Larry is right there in terms of his ability to make quick positive change in his students.
Ryan Corbin, Former PGA Tour Canada Player, Golf Coach
This last season has been my best one yet. Thanks to Larry, I’m hitting the ball further and with more consistency. Most of all, I’m enjoying the game better as I continue to improve.
Adrian Wu, Weekend Golfer

My fascination for the golf swing started early in my golf career, often playing golf swing while on the golf course. Although it isn’t the best approach to shooting low scores, I believe that this unorthodox journey that I’ve taken has allowed me to learn a lot more than just shooting good scores.

As my playing career progressed, my love for the golf swing also quickly grew into a more holistic idea of athlete development, and what it takes to become the best golfer, and athlete possible. This led to opportunities of working with some of the best golf coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, and performance support staff (physiotherapists, athletic therapists, sports psychologists) in Ontario during my career.

Combining those experiences and spending countless hours researching and experimenting on my own, I will confidently say that I can help you take your game to the next level.

How I approach a lesson with each student is unique to the individual, understanding their current abilities, learning style, goals, and time commitment for improvement.

It is my goal to keep every lesson as easy to understand as possible, while arming you with the knowledge and tools to diagnose and self-correct. Lessons are not only a great way to get better, they are also a great avenue to learn, an aspect of lessons that are often overlooked as we play a result-oriented sport.

Although each student is unique, there is a system I try to implement with most of my students that will keep us on track and minimize the chances of taking a step back.

This system involves: improving the structure, freeing up the dynamics, then pumping up the speed.


For golfers of any level looking for an individual lesson to improve their game.

Contact for prices

Individual private lessons are suited for those who want to improve their game and start off in the right direction for improvement. From the beginners starting out, to the business person looking for a tune-up before a company tournament, or a tournament player looking to add different shots to the arsenal, I’ll have you leaving the lesson happy!

Or you may be looking for a short game lesson to better understand how to hit wedge shots, or a putting lesson to confidently start your putts online, and read greens like a champ.

For best results, I highly recommend creating a program where we meet at least once a week so that we can build a foundation for growth and help you hit it better and shoot lower scores for the rest of your life.

What if I live remotely?

I have an online monthly program for those who don’t live close.

We will converse over a 1-month period through the Coachnow app. I’ll set up a space for us on the coachnow app where we will communicate through that, you upload video from our practice into there and give me feedback, I comment at the end of my night and suggest what you need to be doing for the next practice to work on what we want you to work on. If I need to film a short video explaining over more difficult concepts, I will. You go video yourself again and upload again, we repeat this process throughout the month.

If you 2 days a week, you can upload 2 days a week and I will reply 2 days a week, if you practice 4 days a week, you can upload 4 days a week and I will reply 4 days a week =)


For avid golfers & tournament players that demand maximum performance.

Fully Customized Program.

Performance golf coaching is a fully customized program that takes into account all aspects of game development. If you want to get better and create a process that sees improvement season after season, this program is for you! We will:

  • Build a powerful and repeatable golf swing
  • Increase speed and distance
  • Tighten dispersion
  • Understand cause and effect of your golf swing
  • Learn what drives you, and develop a play style that suits your tendencies
  • Shoot lower scores and have more fun

This program is for those who can commit to meeting at the minimum once/week.

If necessary, we will employ additional support from a proven strength & conditioning coach, sports psychologist, and/or therapy personnels.

This is the first season where I can stand over the ball at address from 150 yards out and I’m fully confident I’ll be on the green; thanks to Larry. I would wholeheartedly recommend Larry to any golfer looking to improve.
Jason Lawrence, Avid Golfer
Working on the swing over the winter months has translated into over 20 yards gained off the tee… with a tighter dispersion too. With renewed confidence I achieved a personal best tournament score during the summer of 2016 that would not have been possible without Larry’s help.
Wesley Kwok, Ottawa U Golf Team Member

He parallels as the Columbus of golf exploring the new world using innovative new teaching methodologies based on physics and anatomy which he delivers in the most simplistic and intuitive form possible.

John Tancredi, 0 handicap


Promoting an environment for young golfers to grow and blossom on and off the course.

Fully Customized Program Tailored for Youth

The goal for any juniors I work with is to help create an environment that stimulates growth, on and off the course, regardless of what their goals might be.

Programs will be create based on: age, current abilities, commitment, and goals, with the intent to help nurture them to be the best athlete possible: mentally/physically strong, problem-solver, possess grit!

If you want someone that is easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable about the golf swing, and over-the-top diligent, then Larry Cheung is your guy!
Truman Tai, UofT Golf Team Member
I admire his passion for golf. I’m proud of him, with the things he has and will accomplish because I truly believe he possesses the knowledge and capability for greatness.
Louise Manalo, Lynn U Golf Team Member, NCAA Division II Champion
Being a scratch player prior to even meeting Larry did not faze him at all. In fact, since connecting with Larry, my understanding of the swing has increased and the ball-striking results back that up!
Richard Persaud, UofT Golf Team Captain