Coaching without the constraints of geography and time.

Working with golfers virtually from all around the world develop golf
swings that last a lifetime to play better golf.

This is the first season where I can stand over the ball at address from 150 yards out and I’m fully confident I’ll be on the green; thanks to Larry. I would wholeheartedly recommend Larry to any golfer looking to improve.
Jason Lawrence, Avid Golfer

…over the winter months has translated into 20+ yards gained off the tee with a tighter dispersion. With renewed confidence I achieved a personal best tournament score in 2016 that would not have been possible without Larry’s help.

Wesley Kwok, Ottawa U Golf Team

…I am able to hit the ball more consistently and swinging it much faster too. He also spends time after lessons sending me videos and things/drills that I should be working on. I highly recommend him…

Jim ChouJim Chou, Avid Golfer

Online Coaching

Online coaching is a great option for golfers all around the world and I to work directly together without the constraints of geography and time.

Using the CoachNow app as the platform for communication, we embark on a back and forth process where you will upload down the line (DTL) and face on (FO) videos into the app for me to look at. I will then take a look at the end of my day and offer you feedback in the form of a short recorded video or written text, depending on what needs to be done and where in the process we are.

Online coaching programs are offered in 1/3/12-month programs and live lessons via FaceTime/Zoom are also available in 30-minute increments.

Larry Cheung, Head Coach

Larry Cheung


Not settling for band-aid solutions

Unless that’s what is needed at that very moment. We put a priority on helping our clients raise their ceiling for potential and help them improve their swing and game in a systematic process. We make sure the client understands the cause and effects for their own swing and what the priorities are each step of the way to ensure they can self diagnose and correct when they need to during the course of a round or season.

“My primary reason for driving an hour each way to see Larry is for my 13 year old son. Larry is excellent with kids. Couple this ability with his technical knowledge of the game and his coaching ability and you have a winner. My son is very very happy with the progress made over the winters. I also piggyback on those lessons. Personally, I learned to play as an adult, so while my handicap factor is respectable at a 12, consistency is my issue. Larry has worked on a few very key movements with me to get more consistency and efficiency out of my swing. The swing feels great and more reliable now. Looking forward to more improvements in the future, we highly recommend Larry!”

– Paolo Cirone

Larry Cheung Golf
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Brian Lansee
Brian Lansee
03:20 01 Apr 21
He is the best golf instructor.
Mike McKivigan
Mike McKivigan
21:26 15 Aug 20
I 100% encourage anyone that wants to improve to take lessons with Larry. I am trying to undo many years of bad... habits. Larry is very patient and encouraging. I’ve done video uploads, FaceTime and in person lessons. I was actually surprised how effective the FaceTime lessons are and encourage you to try it. Larry is a great teacher!read more
Kristofer Anderson
Kristofer Anderson
02:36 10 Mar 20
I am taking remote lessons with Larry and have been incredibly happy with the results. Larry starts from scratch and... explains the steps and feelings in detail. Couldn’t be happier with the work so far and look forward to continuing and playing some good golf this more
Pak Ho Leung
Pak Ho Leung
14:55 14 Sep 19
I'm new to the game this season, worked with Larry for the last three months. Within a few lessons, Larry helped me... develop capabilities in different aspects of the game to confidently play on the golf course. I will definitely continue to see him as I refine my swing/game. Larry is an excellent coach and each lesson had me hitting better than the last. Would recommend him 100%!read more
Wes Langkau
Wes Langkau
21:54 22 May 19
While visiting Toronto from Wisconsin I chose to spend an hour with Larry for a private lesson. The lesson went... extremely well and his concepts for my swing adjustments were easy to understand and implement. I will certainly communicate with him again in the future and I would not hesitate to recommend for more
Richard Diaz
Richard Diaz
13:45 23 Feb 19
Larry has helped me add 10yds of effortless power to every part of my game! His approach to the swing is unique and is... very easy to understand and learn!NOTE: He posts free instructional and fitness videos on YouTube on a regular basis as well!read more
Jonah Goldberg
Jonah Goldberg
18:17 09 Apr 18
Larry is awesome! I've been playing golf and taking lessons for the better part of 20 years and I can honestly say... Larry is the best instructor I've ever worked with. His advice is practical and he doesn't overwhelm you with a million technical details but rather gives you a few concrete things to work on each time you see him. He also makes great use of the most cutting edge technology (launch monitors, etc.) which makes for an even better learning experience. Do yourself a favour and see Larry for a lesson, your golf game will thank you!read more
Luke Kremer
Luke Kremer
14:48 07 Mar 18
I decided to get back into golf this year after 3 years off. After a working with Larry for a month I can confidently... say I am swing the club better than I ever had. The only word I have to describe Larry is Outstanding!read more
Jeremy Choi
Jeremy Choi
04:44 02 Feb 18
If I could hire this guy full time, I would. Since seeing Larry for the last 2+ years, my game has improved. He works... on all aspect of the coaching, not just the swing like many other more
Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen
07:34 08 Jan 17
Been taking lessons regularly from Larry since he started in the Fall of 2015. I started out as a 100+ player with a... swing that I could get by with but clearly not fundamentally sound and thus inconsistent. Almost immediately he fixed some of my major flaws which helped me drop strokes right away. Happy with the initial improvement I continued with the program and now after a year I've seen tremendous improvement including several rounds in the 70's, a feat which seemed years away when I started. Everything from full swing to putting Larry has a very deep understanding of and coupled with his use of the latest technology in the Foresight GC2 launch monitor he is able convey the ideas to me in a way that is easy to understand. You can read about technique anywhere for free but having a trained set of eyes give you feedback and put you in the right position is the key. In golf feel is not always real and here Larry did a great job giving me the right drills and feels that help "build" the swing correctly. His lessons include immediate video feedback followed by a video recap after which are extremely helpful. I highly recommend Larry to anyone at any level seeking to improve their golf more
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